Advantages of Fluorescent Bandit Signs

Fluorescent colored corrugated plastic signs will give you the biggest bang for your advertising buck. Nothing is more effective. This is a way to get 8 times the results of regular signs for only a small amount of additional money! We can convert your signs into fluorescent colors. You will find the prices for these signs on the fluorescent corrugated plastic signs page.

To understand the effectiveness of these fluorescent colors is to understand why you called to get signs from us in the first place. We are assuming that you saw our fluorescent sign on a telephone pole somewhere, which is why you probably called. Ever since we discovered fluorescent colors and how to make them, we have never used regular colors for ourselves again. We discovered after 4 years of putting out regular color signs that we could multiply our results literally by 8 times by using the fluorescent colors. This tells us that our readership had to also increase by 800%!!! If you knew, what we now know, you would never consider doing anything but fluorescent signs. 

You should also realize that these fluorescent signs multiply your work effort. When you put 1 fluorescent sign up, it is as if you put up 8 regularly colored signs. It also multiplies your purchasing power. When you buy 100 fluorescent signs it is the same as buying 800 regular colored signs. 

The only reason to buy regular color signs is because you just can’t come up with the money to buy fluorescent signs. If that is the case, start with regular colors and graduate to fluorescent once you have made some extra money. What ever you decide, there is no better advertising method, dollar for dollar, than these signs, regular or fluorescent


Advantages of Fluorescent Colors:

 Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C. Research 

 The following are facts derived from research done by the Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C.

1. Higher Impact

       Advertising that includes fluorescent colors in their design were noticed 75% sooner than those using regular colors.

2. Increased Visibility

       In the case of outdoor advertising, fluorescent signs receive 30% increase in viewing time in shade, while conventional color signs suffer a 65% decrease in viewing time in shade.

3. Reader Attention

       Fluorescent colors in your advertising or product marketing will not only grab attention, but hold attention for a longer period of time.

4. Message Retention

       No matter what or how you are marketing, you can be assured that your message will be retained for a longer period of time.

5. Product Preference

       Studies have proved that products incorporating fluorescence are preferred by a large margin over conventionally colored products.