Bandit Signs Placement Tips & Tricks

Telephone Pole Placement

1. For maximum efficiency & safety, use a “Hammer Tacker” made by Arrow which can be found at Home Depot for approximately $32.00. This is pictured on the left with the yellow handle. You must use 1/2″ staples. It is the only size that will work. Ocassionally the Hammer Tacker will get jammed. The simple solution to this is to turn the Hammer tacker backwards and give it a good wack as if you were trying to put in another staple. This will usually dislodge any jammed staple.

2. Do not use roofing nails as they cause several problems.

A. The nails sometime fall to the ground and find their way into the street and cause flat tires for automobiles.

 B. It is also a problem for pedestrians because they may step on them creating an unexpected hospital visit.

C. The nails also present a problem for the utility company when trying to go up and down the telephone pole to effect repairs.

 D. The staples from the Hammer Tacker are much easier to use when it comes to placing a sign on a telephone pole. The whole process takes less than two seconds to pop in 4 or 5 staples to secure the sign.

3. Do not place your signs high to prevent people from taking them down.

By doing so you will prevent people from reading them. Let’s face it! People do not look up! Place the sign at eye level of the drivers in the cars that pass by so that the sign is smack in their face.

4. Do not buy the gadget that different companies are trying to sell to enable you to place your signs high to prevent people from taking them down.

This goes back to tip #3 as well as the method will not keep people from taking them down. By using a long pole any sign can be taken down in  about 5 seconds

5. Placement on Telephone Poles vs. Placement on Wooden or Wire Stakes

1. Many people think that placement on telephone poles is worse than placing on wire or wooden stakes and that their signs will stay up longer on stakes because of the sign laws in most municipalities. This is simply not true. The law applies equally to the signs on stakes and to the signs on telephone poles.