Why we use  Fluorescent Signs: Our History

(The Proof that they really work 800% better)

Click here to see Research by Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C.

Our History: Cheap Signs was begun about 20 years ago. Back then a very simple sign that was handwritten and hanging from a telephone pole was seen by me, the owner of Cheap Signs, Inc.. I thought to myself what a fantastic idea to market just about anything. I had a clothing store at the time and wanted to use this method to promote my products. However, I did not want to handwrite each sign. I proceeded to find a method of mass production. After research, I found a company that could do the mass prodution with the screen printing process on corrugated plastic. I made friends with the printer and she taught me how the process was done. I had them make for me approximately 300 signs per week for months. The signs worked beyond my wildest dreams. We put the signs out on Friday and Saturday morning I had lines of people waiting to get into my store to make purchases. The city of Houston came down on me pretty hard for putting out these signs. Eventually I decided to close the clothing operation and go into the sign business. The first signs that we made said Cheap Signs with a phone number and this was very successful. We started putting out 300-400 signs per week and did so for approximately 4 years. During that time we were constantly playing “cat and mouse” with the City of Houston. I had been using fluorescent cardboard with a wide marker to put pricing on my clothing and knew how much stronger and attractive this was compared to the regular colored poster board. It did not take research to figure out the superior marketing effects of the fluorescent poster board. All it took was looking at it! It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well it turns out that there was no such thing as fluorescent corrugated plastic but I always knew that if there was, it would give drastically better results! What I did not know is how drastic the difference in results would be! We did have a history of four years with regular colors and had a pretty good idea of how many signs would bring how many phone calls. When we finally figured out how to make fluorescent signs the number of phone calls went up 8 times the number that we normally would have expected and this number became consistent over time! We therefore knew that the number of readers had to have increased eight times. From this testing we can say with a high degree of accuracy that the number of people that read your sign will go up 8 times the previous non fluorescent signs. But if you have not used signs before, then you have nothing to gauge the difference in results because you have no prior experience. In this case, let your own eyes be the judge! The difference will be obvious.

School Zone Signs: The school zone signs are the most compelling proof of the effectiveness of the fluorescent colors. This is especially true for the yellow fluorescent color or as it is more precisely called, Saturn Yellow by the manufacturer of the fluorescent pigments that are used to make the fluorescent ink. Let your eyes be the judge! All of the highway warning or hazard signs are made with fluorescent colors. The colors that you commonly see on these hazard signs are Saturn Yellow, Arc Yellow, Blaze Orange or Fire Orange.

Repeat of our history summation: Fluorescent Signs will give you the biggest bang for your advertising buck and marketing efforts. Nothing is more effective. This is a way to get 8 times the results of regular colored signs for only a small amount of additional money! We can convert your signs into fluorescent colors. You will find the prices for these signs on the Fluorescent Signs page and many other fluorescent sign pages.To understand the effectiveness of these fluorescent colors is to understand why you called to get signs from us in the first place. We are assuming that you saw our fluorescent signs on a telephone pole somewhere, which is why you probably called. Ever since we discovered fluorescent colors and how to make them, we have never used conventional colored signs for ourselves again. We discovered after 4 years of putting out regular color signs that we could multiply our results literally by 8 times by using the fluorescent colors. This tells us that our readership had to also increase by 800%!!! If you knew, what we now know, you would never consider doing anything but fluorescent signs.

Multiply your work effort and decrease your time and expenses:You should also realize that these fluorescent signs multiply your work effort. When you put 1 fluorescent sign up, it is as if you put up 8 regularly colored signs. It also multiplies your purchasing power. When you buy 100 fluorescent signs it is the same as buying 800 regular colored signs.

The only reason to buy regular color signs is because you just can’t come up with the money to but fluorescent signs. If that is the case, start with regular colors and graduate to fluorescent once you have made some extra money. What ever you decide, there is no better advertising method, dollar for dollar, than these signs, regular or fluorescent